Our Story

This is a tale of two guys starting their careers in brewing, in two very different places. Vinny, Barcelona and Fin, Oxford.

Their destinies aligned when they both started working at the same brewery, growing a beery romance so strong they decided to ruin it by starting their own brewery. We have now reached the point where we are starting our “Origin Story”. So watch this space, and join us in the near future for a drink. Stay Safe!

Our Vision

We believe there is a beer out there for everyone,

from the bearded beer geek who only drinks ‘challenging’ beer to your Aunt who only drinks fine burgundy wine. We want to create a space and culture where we can brew brilliant beer and everyone can come down and enjoy it. So keep and eye on us and head down in the near future, as we make this vision a reality. Stay Safe!

Meet the team

Head Brewer

Vincent Rosario

Vinny our in-house kiwi (almost every good brewery has one) is obsessed with beer and how it’s made.

He’ll try anything and likes to brew everything. He’s always up to chat about brewing and beers. His core belief is there is a beer for everyone and every occasion.

Finlay Heslop

Fin is the outgoing type and always has plenty to say about life, the universe and everything.

His social skills were honed by front of house experience with a major pub chain before seeing sense and returning to the world of brewing. Hard work and dedication to the cause are his core principles.

Career Opportunities

Sales Manager